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International Carnivorous Plant Society members only web site. 


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Members and ex-members, please don't rejoin as a new member. Contact us or ClubExpress for your account and temporary password.  

Non-members join by using the "Join Now" link to the left. 

The International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) is an organization of horticulturists, conservationists, scientists, and educators all interested in sharing knowledge and news of carnivorous plants. Since its founding in 1972, the Society has been an integral part of the carnivorous plant world.

Membership is US$35 for a one year membership no matter where you live. Multiyear memberships and library subscriptions are US$30 per year.

The ICPS is probably best known for its color professional quality journal, Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. But there are many more reasons that membership in the Society is so exciting.  

The Society is a registered US IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and is the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for cultivated carnivorous plant names.